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About FEND

We’ve all heard about the opioid crisis facing the US. Regardless of age, socioeconomic status, gender, education level or geographic location, people are having their lives ruined or cut short due to this public health crisis.

We want to be part of the solution! Our focus is on prevention: preventing misuse, preventing overdose, preventing premature death; and empowerment: empowering young people to be part of the solution.

We are FEND (Full Energy, No Drugs)—the first prevention campaign of its kind to incorporate gamification, individualization, and relevant/relatable content that empowers youth to take a stand against opioids and other drugs that are claiming too many young lives.

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The FEND App

Developed by the Preventum Initiative, FEND combines cutting-edge tech, music and streetwear to engage young people. Via our app, FEND enables youth to take the lead, join forces and beat the opioid crisis. More than a campaign – FEND is a movement!

Get the facts about opioids: what they are, why they’re so addictive, how to recognize and respond to an opioid overdose, how to talk with a friend who is misusing drugs.

Download the FEND app now.

Get the facts about opioids: what they are, why they’re so addictive, how to recognize and respond to an opioid overdose, how to talk with a friend who is misusing drugs.

Download the FEND app now.

FEND Store

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Support from Artists

A critical part of FEND’s success is partnering with artists, entertainers and influencers to spread the word and engage youth. Many artists on the 2018 Vans Warped Tour expressed their keen interest and desire to help FEND. Click the thumbnails below to watch their videos!

Why FEND works


 A key component of FEND is engaging musicians and artists to interact with youth to spread the word on the danger of opioids. A number of bands and artists have already come on board to support FEND. 


FEND is becoming an iconic streetwear brand, with youth, bands and athletes from around the world wearing FEND gear. Many of the prizes and giveaways associated with FEND will be in the form of FEND merchandise. FEND streetwear can be purchased in the online store


FEND will partner with sports teams and athletes to help engage youth to use the app. Videos from athletes and sports teams can be embedded into the app, teaching youth about safe opioid use, as well as giving encouragement.

Evidence-Based Research

FEND and its technology platform has been thoroughly tested and researched. Evidence-based research by subject-matter experts in public health, addiction, treatment, recovery, behavioral science, gamification and contingency management specialists help develop the content and missions in the FEND app campaign.


FEND uses a cutting-edge technology platform that allows the FEND team to build, deploy, update and monitor the campaign from a back-end CMS. It also allows the end-users to engage in the campaign from the FEND app.


A key element to the successful engagement rates is the use of gamification in the app. Combining gaming elements such as rewards, badges and leaderboards with behavior change and motivation theories can engage users in ways that increase their motivation to adopt healthy behaviors.

Voices of FEND

Four weeks into the FEND campaign in the summer of 2018 we asked FEND participants to share with us their stories about opioids, addiction, overdose or recovery. These are just some of the Voices of FEND.

*Celia, 16

I have personally never had anyone I know become addicted to opioids nor have I had to help someone who has overdosed on them but since I’ve gotten this app and extended my knowledge on the subject I’m confident I have the ability to help identify and treat someone who has overdosed on them. I could save someone’s life!

*Josh, 18

I’ve been learning a lot through the FEND app. I learned that lots of people use them for pain relief, but they’re highly addictive. Also, I learned that slow breathing, small pupils, blue skin, or being unresponsive can mean somebody has overdosed. If you’ve found somebody that’s overdosed, you should give them Narcan, call 911, and lay them on their side till help comes.

*Ryan, 26

I think that if the doctors had given me a choice, and made me aware of what these painkillers did and how addictive they were, I wouldn’t have taken that road.

*Chad, 16

I’ve always known that opioids were dangerous once a person got addicted to them. I never realized how common it was for people to overdose on opioids. Before downloading this app, I didn’t know what to do or the signs to look for when there is an overdose. Now, I know the symptoms and what position to put the body in. I now know how to save someone’s life.

*Bryan, 17

I never realised that people of all ages can get addicted to opioids. I always thought it was just those who did illegal non-prescription drugs. Seeing this app, I’m now more careful watching what I take, and that I’m taking it as directed. It’s crazy to think that addiction can happen to anyone.

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